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About Us

About Our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility


Tender and loving. The way care should be.

At CathedralCare, we’ll welcome you with open arms, embracing you with a combination of deeply compassionate care and highly competent treatment customized to restore your wellness and well-being.

CathedralCare is a non-profit 120 bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation center — what is commonly called a nursing home, in the Cathedral District of Downtown Jacksonville, Florida. But for us and the residents who either live in our facility or seek short-term rehabilitation here, it’s so much more.

One of the most important things we can do as humans is to show that we care about each other. From the time of our inception as an outreach ministry of the St. John’s Cathedral in Downtown Jacksonville over 40 years ago, our staff has endeavored to deliver compassionate care every day as they interact with our residents.

Our staff becomes very well acquainted with each of our residents, which results in more customized care and attention. Some of our long-term residents have been with us more than 20 years, and we’ve been honored to care for several centenarians!

We have been in operation since 1970, and we are a Medicare and Medicaid certified facility. The long-term employees comprising our team of experienced Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants are a continuing source of pride at CathedralCare.

Our nursing staff exceeds the state-required nurse to patient ratio, and we have extremely low employee turnover. We utilize electronic medical charting, which helps us maintain a more accurate and timely record of patient care.

By serving as a clinical training site for multiple colleges and universities in the area, CathedralCare is able to provide guidance and instruction to RN and LPN students, as well as healthcare administration trainees. Throughout the week, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are on duty, joined by University of Florida medical school residents.

People come to CathedralCare for a variety of reasons. Some have serious, chronic health issues. Others may have had hip surgery or require cardiac care because of extended illnesses. We need to be equipped to handle nearly anything, and we do, by providing many different kinds of therapies and clinical services to help residents achieve an optimal level of functioning.

We also recognize the importance of socialization, so we offer a wide variety of indoor activities and events, community outings in our 24 passenger wheelchair accessible bus or 5 passenger van, and outdoor time on our patio or our screened porch.

Our non-profit organization has a single location serving all members of our community. CathedralCare isn’t part of a larger corporation with multiple facilities, locations and related businesses. We understand that what you need most is a warm, friendly atmosphere with excellent care in clean surroundings.

In short, you need to feel you’re getting the same or better level of treatment in our center as what you would get in your own home. CathedralCare provides this kind of atmosphere for all who choose us as their home or for their rehabilitation needs.

Please explore our website to learn what CathedralCare can offer you. Then call or stop by to visit us for a tour.


CathedralCare has been known by a number of names in the 40+ years of our existence. We started out as a rehabilitation center, then we became certified as a skilled nursing facility.

More recently, our name represented one of our principal missions, to serve our older population, hence the name Cathedral Gerontology Center. Unfortunately with a name like that, we received numerous phone calls from people confusing us with a genealogy group or a gynecology practice!

In 2013, we took a good look at our identity – who we are and what we do, and chose our current name CathedralCare. The Cathedral portion of the name honors our origins as an outreach ministry of the St. John’s Cathedral in the Cathedral District of Downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

Our name also reflects our affiliation with several other charitable and non-profit organizations in our community, such as Cathedral Residences, Cathedral Arts Project and Aging True (formerly Cathedral Foundation of Jacksonville).

The Care portion of the name is how our staff interacts with our residents every day. It’s also aspirational, reminding us that one of the most important things we can do as humans is to show that we care about each other.


Recovering from a recent hospital stay following an injury or illness can come with many challenges. Often times, a family member, based on their experiences caring for loved ones at home, believe that certain changes require hospitalization. However, while true for the elderly living at home, one of the advantages of having your loved one in our care is our ability to respond and manage virtually any need they have – now and in the future.

When hospitals discharge residents and recommend continuing the healing process at our facility, they do so with the trust that we can “take it from here.” Our goal is to build off the progress our patients have made at the hospital and to get them back to their everyday lives as soon as possible. Thus, we have taken measures to improve our clinical capabilities and keep a watchful eye on your loved ones to avoid any unnecessary hospitalizations.

Additionally, our staff is uniquely trained to identify any changes in condition and to communicate that to the appropriate team member, ensuring your loved one receives the best quality care possible.


Each of us at CathedralCare shares the same commitment – to provide a comfortable, nurturing environment here while you regain health, mobility, and independence to return to your own home.

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SHARON BROWN, VP/ Administrator
MARIA ANINON, Director of Nurses
BARBARA BYRD, Admissions/Activities Director
DARCEL STUART, Business Office Manager
REBECCA ORTH, Marketing Director