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We understand that it’s never easy to put the care of a loved one into the hands of others, so we are always available to address family concerns. What’s more, we will always strive to provide an honest and realistic assessment of what new residents and their families can expect upon moving to our facility.


As soon as you arrive at CathedralCare, you will experience our hands-on approach to your care.

A staff member will assist you or your family with completing the admissions paperwork. We’ll then take you to your room where we will conduct a nursing evaluation, order your medications and acquaint you with our services.

Q: How do I know if I need a rehabilitation facility?

A: If you are in the hospital because of an illness or surgery and subsequently need assistance with daily activities or walking, you could benefit from in-patient skilled nursing rehabilitation as a short-term rehab patient.

We provide a variety of therapy services and specialized rehabilitation programs that help people return home or to their next stage of care with an optimal level of functioning.We also have provisions for long-term care intended to help people who can no longer live safely on their own at home.

Q: What is the process for being admitted?

A: If you expect to need therapy after a scheduled hospitalization, please contact CathedralCare before admission to the hospital so we can ensure bed availability and discuss the coverage options that apply to specific programs and services.

If you are unexpectedly hospitalized and will need skilled care or rehabilitation, let the case manager/discharge planner at the hospital know you want to come to CathedralCare for long-term care placement or rehabilitation care.

A member of our Admissions team will meet with you and your family to discuss your situation and determine how we can best meet your needs. If we are able to help you, we will arrange for your transfer to our center after your doctor has cleared you for discharge.

Q: Do you have to belong to the Episcopal Church to be admitted to CathedralCare?

A: No. Although our center was started as an outreach ministry of the St. John’s Cathedral, we serve all members of the community regardless of faith.

For those who are looking for spiritual support during their stay with us, we do have a chapel and offer worship services and bible study. There are also several churches of various denominations within one mile of CathedralCare.

Q: What personal items should I bring when I’m admitted?

A: Residents should pack loose, comfortable clothing, shoes with a non-skid surface, toiletries, pajamas, slippers, etc. We recommend leaving all valuables, money and credit cards at home, or you may choose to secure them in our business office safe.


One of the most confusing issues people are faced with when they are researching short and long-term care options is what services are covered by insurance. We have included some basic information below, but we strongly encourage you to contact our Admissions Department or our Business Office at (904) 798-5300 if you have any questions about Medicare coverage or other payment options.


For optimum convenience and flexibility we accept a variety of payment options for our short-term rehabilitation programs as well as our long-term care services, which include:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private insurance plans
  • Numerous managed care plans
  • Private payment
  • Hospice
  • TriCare
  • Wellcare

Please note – we do not accept VA


In a skilled nursing facility Medicare Part A will pay for a room, meals, medication, rehabilitation services, medical supplies and activities. You must have a three-day hospital qualifying stay prior to admission to a skilled nursing facility.

The co-pay amounts can change annually. For 2019, for each benefit period you will be responsible for:

  • Days 1-20: There is no cost for the resident. Medicare pays the entire cost.
  • Days 21-100: There is a $170.50 co-pay. If there is a Medicare supplement we will verify the coverage and advise you what the supplement will pay.
  • You will be responsible for all costs incurred past the 100th day, unless you have another form of payment available (i.e. Medicaid).

The benefit period for Medicare Part A is a maximum of 100 days. You must meet Medicare criteria throughout your stay for Medicare to continue to pay. Most residents do not require a 100-day stay.


To qualify for Medicaid, it is best for you to complete the necessary paperwork in advance of your admission to CathedralCare. If necessary, we can assist you with filing for Medicaid. If you qualify for Medicaid, it can also pay the co-insurance.


Our residents usually start their day with medications, breakfast, and a shower. Therapy sessions take place after breakfast and after lunch.

We offer a variety of therapies and specialty programs. Your therapy schedule and individual sessions will be customized to your condition and health goals. Depending on your situation, you may receive one or more therapies in the gym or in your room.

If you have a scheduled doctor appointment and your family cannot take you and you don’t qualify for Medicaid transportation, we provide free transportation in our wheelchair accessible van. You will be accompanied by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to and from your appointment.

Q: What will I do when I’m not in therapy?

A: When you aren’t in therapy, you can take advantage of the variety of daily activities we offer on each of the resident floors and in the community area near the dining room. Most events take place before or after lunch, and there are a few evening activities during the week.

You can socialize with new friends in one of the living rooms with flat-screen TVs, or enjoy the library area’s games, books, music and computers.

We also offer the following personal grooming services:

  • Beautician/barber shop
  • Manicure
  • Podiatrist visit

When you are ready to enjoy some outdoor time, you can take advantage of our spacious patio area and screened porches. With doctor’s approval, you can explore the numerous cultural and entertainment events and activities in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, many of which are in walking distance.

No matter how long you stay with us, whether for a short-term rehabilitation or as a long-term resident, we make every effort to customize your experience so that it is as enjoyable as possible.


When you come to CathedralCare for short-term rehabilitation, we will guide you along the road to recovery very carefully.

After you are admitted, our interdisciplinary care team will work with you, your family and your doctor to create a care plan that addresses your daily medical, physical, social, and psychological needs. Your plan of care is a customized and individualized program to maximize your functional progress and achieve your highest potential.

We actually work on discharge planning throughout your stay. Our interdisciplinary team will meet weekly to conduct a comprehensive assessment and review of your progress,and adjust your plan as needed to enable you to be discharged to the safest and least assistive environment.

Your care team includes professionals from the following areas/departments:

  • Consulting physician specialists
  • Nursing – RN and Floor charge nurse
  • Therapy
  • Social Services
  • Dietary
  • Activities
  • Business office/financial (as needed)

Our rehabilitative professionals will engage you in therapy sessions on a daily basis to improve your abilities. We’ll help you achieve your highest level of function so that you’re ready for the challenges involved with returning home or moving on to your next level of care.

To prepare you for discharge, our professionals will assist you in a variety of ways.


Our therapists will evaluate you upon admission and establish an individualized care plan, with personalized exercises and guidelines for safely performing daily routines. They will also make sure you can manage stairs and other anticipated obstacles you will encounter when you leave.

Both you and your caregivers, as needed, will be trained in how to function at home and safely perform your activities of daily living. This instruction will cover matters such as

  • Dressing, grooming and personal hygiene
  • Orthotics and prefab splints
  • Positioning
  • Proper use of assistive devices
    • Wheelchair
    • Walker
    • Cane
    • Hemi walker
    • 3 in 1 commode
  • Ramps, grab bar recommendations
  • Utilization of showers/tubs

Social Workers

We will schedule an appointment with your doctor following your discharge. In addition, we will arrange for a hospital bed, wheelchair, diabetic shoes or other assistive devices or equipment needed for the home, as appropriate to your situation. If you need community services we will help coordinate that assistance.


We will order a seven day supply of medications and provide information on wound care and medication management, as applicable.


Any dietary issues that could impact a full recovery will be reviewed with you by our dietary liaison.

Our attention to these details will help ensure that once you leave our facility, you will be adequately prepared to resume optimal functionality and independence.


Q: Do I have to share a room?

A: Our rooms are quite spacious compared to other facilities in the area. Of the 120 beds in our facility, 28 are private and 92 are semi-private. If you expect to need therapy after a scheduled hospitalization and desire a private room, please contact CathedralCare before admission to the hospital so we can ensure bed availability and discuss the coverage options that apply to specific programs and services.

Q: Is there a doctor on staff at the facility?

A: We have a medical director, and PA/ARNPs available or on site to provide and monitor your medical care. If your physician is not already on staff, he or she is more than welcome to apply for privileges. Upon discharge from your rehabilitation program, you will be given important medical records that you can share with your personal physician.

Q: What kind of therapy will I receive, and how often?

A: We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. In addition, we have a contracted respiratory therapist available as well as specialty therapies. The type and amount of therapy provided depends on each resident’s diagnosis and tolerance level, and doctor’s orders. All residents receive therapy as clinical indicated and ordered by the physician, up to six days per week.

Q: What other medical services and therapies are available on a consultation basis?

A: CathedralCare offers dental, optometry, audiology, psychology, psychiatry, podiatry, laboratory, and pharmacy services, as well as pet therapy visits.

Q: What types of care and counseling are available?

A: We provide social work counseling to help identify resources and services needed by our residents throughout their stay and upon discharge. Spiritual support is also available, through bible studies and services in our chapel. We also have a psychiatrist and psychologist who come to visit residents weekly.

Q: Does CathedralCare offer respite care?

A: Respite care is available on a private pay basis, and depends on bed availability.

Q: Do you offer assisted living or long-term care?

A: CathedralCare has 120 beds available for short-term and long-term care, but we do not have any accommodations for assisted living. Our social workers can provide you with information about local resources if you are interested in that option.

Q: Can you accommodate special dietary requests?

A: Our registered dieticians will carefully supervise your special dietary needs. The menu encompasses a wide variety of choices, and substitutions are readily available.

Q: Are there laundry facilities on site?

A: Laundry services are complimentary for all residents, and are done on site. Labeling of all clothing items is required so that items will be returned in a timely manner.

Q: Is transportation available if I need to go to my doctor’s office?

A: CathedralCare provides free transportation to scheduled doctor appointments in our 5 passenger wheelchair accessible van. You will be accompanied by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to and from your appointment. In addition, we have a 24 passenger bus we use to transport residents and staff.

Q: How safe is your facility during a hurricane?

A: CathedralCare has written emergency procedures in place for the protection of our residents and staff. We conduct safety drills throughout the year to prepare for hurricanes and other types of severe weather and emergencies.

Our location is the highest elevation in all of Downtown Jacksonville. We learned the importance of this fact after experiencing two hurricanes two years in a row.While other areas of Downtown experienced flooding, our residents and staff remained high and dry as we sheltered in place in our 4 story concrete facility with hurricane shutters installed.

During Hurricane Irma in September of 2017, we opened our doors to patients and staff from another local skilled nursing facility for over a week, when they had to evacuate due to imminent flooding. Afterward, several of the patients continue to reside with us for over a month. Their choice to come and stay at CathedralCare shows their level of confidence in the safety and care provided by our facility and staff.

In the unlikely event that we would need to evacuate our center, we do have contracts with transportation companies which would enable our staff to move residents to a place of safety.

We have only lost power twice since 1983, and that was on the same day during Hurricane Irma. Our backup generator operated seamlessly for the few hours it took for power to be restored.

In the event of a fire at our building, we have peace of mind knowing that a fire station is located across the street from our facility.

Q: Can the facility prevent people from falling?

A: No facility can prevent someone from falling. If an individual is already prone to falling or has fallen in the past, chances are that person may fall at CathedralCare, too. That’s true for all nursing facilities because none can provide one-on-one care for 24 hours a day. However, CathedralCare does have a fall prevention program as part of our Restorative Nursing Program to help minimize falling. Family members can help as well by alerting us upon admission that their loved one has a history of falls.

Q: If I have concerns about care, who should I talk to?

A: Questions about medications, treatment, conditions or overall care can come up at any time during a resident’s stay. We encourage residents to speak with the nurse supervisor for the floor, the social worker or a member of the administrative staff so that we can address their specific concerns.

For more general issues, we also have a Resident Council which meets monthly to:

  • Suggest improvements and assist us in providing better programs, surroundings, and services
  • Promote friendship and understanding among residents
  • Provide and receive necessary information for the benefit of all residents

Q: What are the visiting hours?

A: While you are staying with us, we want you to feel that it is your home. We know that interacting with friends and family is essential for recovery, and invite visits. We have a 24 hour a day visitation policy, and visitors are welcome any time. We just ask that they be respectful of our other residents who may be sleeping, so we recommend visits between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Q: Can I leave the center for a visit outside of the facility?

A: You are welcome to leave the facility for a visit or outing, however, we do ask that you notify your nurse. If a family member or caregiver will be taking you out, we will ask that they sign a release form at the nursing station — both upon leaving and again upon your return. Additionally, a written order from your physician may be required depending on your medical condition.

Whenever a resident is with us for a Medicare-covered stay, there are some restrictions on outside overnight visits. Please see our Director of Nursing or Social Services Director for more details.

If you do go outside our facility, we encourage you to explore the many cultural and educational venues in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, many of which are in walking distance.

Q: Are there any opportunities to volunteer at CathedralCare?

A: Yes! There are a number of individuals and groups supporting our residents in a variety of ways. If you are interested in volunteering your time and talent please contact our Activities Director at (904) 798-5300.